Client Testimonial – My Epilepsy Story

Client Testimonial – My Epilepsy Story


Shane Morris has transformed our organization’s website into an AMAZING website that is now interactive. With Mr. Morris’s creative style and innovating ideas, the My Epilepsy Story organization is moving further ahead to help women and girls living with epilepsy.

He is always coming up with new ideas, not only for our website but also for our organization. Mr. Morris is a “think outside the box” person and always challenges us to “think outside the box” as well. Mr. Morris challenged us to change our logo and brand ourselves even more. We followed his advice and he created a wonderful new logo that brands our organization. In addition, our logo has been well received from our Board of Directors and the women and girls with epilepsy that we serve.

Mr. Morris has given of his time and talents to help our nonprofit and we are forever grateful.


Brandy Parker-McFadden
Executive Director/Founder of My Epilepsy Story

Nashville, Tennessee