Nonprofit and Tech: Why you need a good internet agency

Nonprofit and Tech: Why you need a good internet agency

About a month ago, a woman named Brandy contacted me looking for help with web and application development. Brandy is the founder of My Epilepsy Story – a nonprofit dedicated to helping women and girls with epilepsy. Her old site was like a lot of sites I start with: It wasn’t terrible, but it definitely needed some help.

Okay, well – it needed more than just a little help. But before I started, Brandy and I got a cup of coffee so I could really figure out what she needed. If we’re going to work together, I like to know what REALLY needs to happen.

[message_box bg=”#2165ed”] Our Plan: A website, an app, and streamlined donations¬†[/message_box]

  • First things first – I completely overhauled her site, making it look more “human” and improving the UX/UI of everything. A site is only good if you can easily figure it out and use it.
  • Donations in just two clicks – that’s a big deal.
  • Questionnaires built right into the site – Brandy can now send out questionnaires to her email list, anonymize the information, and give it to people doing research.
  • The application – refining the idea, and putting together a solid plan.

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The My Epilepsy Story App will help people with epilepsy


By gathering information

Brandy needed something that could track diet, exercise, sleep habits, and basically any other aspect of someone’s life. Once this is collected, the app anonymizes the information (per HIPAA) and sends it to whatever research study finds it useful.


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Along with getting Brandy’s site and app all sorted out, we moved her CRM over to something easier for her to use day-to-day, and provided her with an email template that she could easily alter for new blog posts, surveys, and news. Once again, it’s not about overloading anyone with tools they can’t use. In Brandy’s case, she was more comfortable sending us content, and updating her blog for her – everyone has different needs.

At the end of this project, I’m happy to have My Epilepsy Story as another long-term client – because we’re not done here yet. This is an evolving project, and Brandy still has more goals for using the web to help advocate for women and children with epilepsy. Coming soon, we’ll be using ModernTribe’s eCommerce ticketing platform to do fundraising dinners, as well as employing WooCommerce to merchandise her brand.

Everything you see on the site was done in-house, right down to logo design. (Yeah, we do that too.) If you’re a nonprofit looking for an internet agency, we’d love to have a conversation.