About Us

Mustang Morris is your internet secret weapon headquartered in Nashville, TN. We put results above anything else. That means all our internet business is done with intention and the highest regard to detail—from Google ads that convert to a comprehensive site built to connect, inform, and sell. When we see opportunities to make your business run better, we jump on them with the enthusiasm of a toddler in a bouncy house.


Where does the “secret” part come in? People usually hear about us through the grapevine—from one client to a future client. And we’re a-ok with that—because it means we have happy clients who like to say nice things about us.


Give us a call. We’ll talk through what’s keeping you up at night. And if you like our ideas, we’ll get you on the road to sleeping like a log (a log with a smooth-sailing business).


Above: My big sister Nicole. I develop websites for people with developmental disabilities, free of charge.

Every year, Mustang Morris donates services to three different non-profits. That’s because above everything else, we believe in the importance of making a difference. That’s why we’re working to help people with developmental disabilities, women and girls with epilepsy, and also teaching under-served youth how to code. A business can do good work, and also do good, at the same time.