We believe products should be simple, easy to use, and designed with the end user in mind. The sites we build are intuitive with a straightforward funnel, wrapped in good-looking design.


We handle the stuff that gives you a headache: AdWords, SEO, spreadsheets, ROI, and all the other internet acronyms. When it’s all interconnected and running right, we boost your business even when you’re asleep.


Managing your online business is just like your in-person business. It needs someone to keep it running every day. We do everything from squashing bugs to running full campaigns with all the works.

I’m Shane Morris.

I drink my coffee out of a Curious George mug and work with really talented videographers, photographers, and other people who give my internet work the upper hand. When you hire Mustang Morris, you get 70% me, 28% them, and 2% Curious George selfies.


We have internet secrets to bigger gains (Not the bro kind)

And now, you’ll scroll past

my dog Dory

Beautiful web development.

Because first, second, and fiftieth impressions are everything.

Everything interconnected.

Everything we do works together to inform and impact your ROI. Ca-ching.

Creatives that convert.

We make effective, big-budget creatives accessible to all businesses.

Data made simple.

We’re numbers nerds. We keep an eye on your data so we know what’s working (and when to pivot on what’s not).


Breathe easier, work smarter. Together.

*holds out hand*

What our clients say

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